A Child’s Christmas In Wales

Adapted from the Dylan Thomas short story by Michael Bogdanov, with music and lyrics by Jack Herrick, the musical will once again be produced by the Theater Company of Wales as part of a celebration of the Dylan Thomas centennial. The production will originate in Swansea, Thomas’s childhood home, and tour Great Britan during the fall and winter of 2014

Hear the music and get more info here.



Heart-warming, crowd-pleasing entertainment with all the sincerity of a good Christmas pudding.’ – Paddy Cooper & James Ellington – www.theatre-wales.co.uk

‘It is a very brave artist who dares to undertake such a task but it is bravery that is a mark of The Wales Theatre Company and its adventurous Artistic Director Michael Bogdanov…A near perfect production…Bogdanov may have opened up a rich seam here and this adaptation could become a regular part of the Christmas entertainment scene as a sort of Peter pan for Wales.’ – Michael Kelligan – www.theatre-wales.co.uk

‘There is not a single weak link in this excellent production, which should hopefully find favour not only with Dylan Thomas aficionados but also mainstream theatregoers with a taste for nostalgia.’ –Graham Williams – www.theatre-wales.co.uk

‘Bogdanov’s respect for Thomas’ text was evident as he and his cast brought gem after gem to life and blended them seamlessly with vignettes of his own creation.’ –Sarah Manners – Western Mail