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RCRs at Croatan High School, March 17th, 2012

RCR at Croatan High School

Having performed in schools and colleges since their inception forty years ago, The Red Clay Ramblers, North Carolina’s Tony Award-winning string band, successfully unveiled a new experiment in Carteret County, N.C., on Saturday, March 17th. The Ramblers unveiled new musical arrangements (some based on charts they had developed for appearances with the North Carolina Symphony] in order to take the stage of Croatan High School (Newport, N.C.) and perform a unique evening’s entertainment with students in the Croatan High School Jazz Band and Vocal Ensemble.

The concert — co-sponsored by Croatan High School’s Music Department and the non-profit North Carolina Coastal Federation, which is headquartered nearby, with full media support from the Carteret County News-Times and WTKF-FM (Morehead City) — packed the hall with enthusiastic parents, friends and fans, and left nearly $2,000 in the coffers of the high school’s music program. Student participants expressed great joy at the opportunity to rehearse and perform in a professional setting.

Said the CHS principal in the lobby after the show: “You’ve got a great model here!”

[Photographs by Sam Bland]

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