Works for Ballet, Modern, and Traditional Dance

Carolina JamboreeNCB

Music by The Red Clay Ramblers
Choreography by Lynne Taylor-Corbett

Transport yourself back in time when friends and neighbors gathered for a festival of music, song and dance. Fiddles and banjos, pennywhistles and piano all set the mood for stories of love and marriage, passion and mystery. In a unique, three-way partnership, Tony-winning string band The Red Clay Ramblers and Tony Award-nominated resident choreographer Lynne Taylor-Corbett team up with Carolina Ballet to create a thrilling music and dance experience.

Raleigh News & Observer
“Rambler Ballet Sets Toes Tapping”
“…harmonies are glorious … their dynamic intensity fuels the dancers to frenzied heights…”

The Herald-Sun
“Ramblers’ songs and ballet mix well”

RCR With the Atlanta Ballet: “Ramblin’ Suite”

Ramblin’ Suite, choreographed by Diane Coburn Bruning, can be described as a mixture of bluegrass and ballet, with a fresh and modern twist to it. A five-piece, live string band, The Red Clay Ramblers, provided the background music for this production, which included 12 dancers clad in outfits that ranged from deep pinks to dark reds and oranges. The ensemble, sometimes together, sometimes in pairs and sometimes even solo, performed a half-hour long series of interconnected stories that subtly narrated tales of the mountain country. The choreography, along with a simplistic but powerful stage décor and the rhythm of the oh-so-appropriate soundtrack, brought to life this production that combined funny elements with a little bit of drama and a whole lot of funk.” – The Signal, Atlanta, GA


Red Clay Ramblers and Rhythm in Shoes perform their collaborative work

Rhythm in Shoes – a company of dancers and musicians featuring old-time mountain tunes and flatfoot dancing– partners with the Tony Award-winning American roots music group, The Red Clay Ramblers to tour their collaborative new work, Rambleshoe. Featuring elements of tap, blues, clogging, ragtime, and old-time music and dance the program explores the notion of carrying “home” with you while traveling on the road. With over a dozen musicians and dancers sharing the stage the program will surely be a sight and sound experience!